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      Hi, has anyone replaced the main halyard and lead it to the cockpit?
      If so I would love to see your layout and photos. Would you recommend this move.
      S/V Patricia Bess

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      Rich Harris

      My PO set up the boat to do it but did’t follow through. There are a couple blocks mounted at the base of the mast and two deck organizers, a three gang of Spin-locks and an extra winch next to the mainsheet winch. I think he may have tried it but wasn’t happy. Either way, the hardware is there but the lines are not led aft.
      I’ll try to attach the photo but if it doesn’t work, I can take a few shots and email them to you. I should be at the boat in the morning.deck

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      Rich Harris

      Attempt #2
      Portside deck. Forget Knot

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