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      adam backer

      unfortunately, the deck collar for the mast on my 424 was badly corroded and separated during unstepping last week.

      has anyone replaced theirs? any advice on a source? off chance someone has one kicking around?


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      Bryan Bywalec

      RigRite is a great source for both off-the-shelf and custom replacement. They don’t have any listed specifically for the 424s but they can offer suggestions.

      Rig Rite Deck Collars

      Perhaps others have sources local to NC.

      Bryan Bywalec
      S/V Pelican, Hull 209
      Siren Engineering, LLC

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      One thing to be aware of is the bedding of the aluminum mast collar to the deck. The mast pushes against this thing on each tack and tends to tear any bedding you put there. If the bedding fails, water will leak under the collar and into the mast hole. From there, its a free ride through the plywood core and into your balsa deck. Even if you seal around the mast and keep water from leaking there, water can still get in there under the fitting. The only way to prevent this is to periodically pull the collar, clean it, and rebed it. If you never pull your mast, you’ll find it very difficult to do this.

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      Adam Silverstein

      Once you get the collar replaced, one method of sealing is a truck tire, cut to fit, clamped and folded over, with a Sunbrella cover matching your gorgeous sail covers around it to keep off the UV.

      Then the question is mast chocks or Spartite?

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