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      Hello All!

      First, a quick thank you to everyone for being so welcoming and willing to share information-such a wealth of knowledge in this group. Really excited to become a part of the community. On that note, recently started doing a complete refit of hull #78. Have managed to get most of the major systems running and now starting some of the more major cosmetic jobs. One of those is the cabin sole, which is pretty damaged and likely beyond repair. So I am in the market for some sort of ‘replace’. I have been considering vinyl flooring that is marine quality, such as the Infinity Better than Teak (

      Does anyone have experience with this sort of flooring? Or open to suggestions on what would be the best material/approach to replacing the cabin sole.

      Thanks again, appreciate the advice, and will make sure to share/upload the photos of our refit as we go.


      Keith and Becca

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      Hello Keith and welcome to the group. If you haven’t already, you may want to read my post from May 3 entitled ‘Cabin Sole Material’. This post discusses our recent install of NautikFlor on our 424. If you have any questions after reading this I’ll be happy to address….

      Blue Moon

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      The aft half of my cabin sole was in rough shape when I bought my boat. The boat was only 8 years old at the time, and five of those years she wasn’t in service. The thin teak and holly plywood laminate doesn’t hold up and can’t be repaired if damaged. I laid teak and holly over the old sole. This is a bit of work and requires some skill. There may be easier ways to cover the old sole but if you’re a purist, this works pretty well.


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      My boat’s PO did a lot of work on the cabin sole- spared few expenses i imagine, but i would advise a strong word of caution in laying any material on top of the existing cabin sole without a) leaving enough room around the edges for it to expand & contract with moisture and temperature, and b) not taking into account that it will definitely wick moisture between the two layers causing both to swell! i’ll send you pictures of what i have if you want.

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      Don’t assume yours is a lost cause. Mine was seriously beat. I sanded it with a random orbital sander. Ended up all the way down at 60 grit for the tough spots. Then I used polyurethane satin.

      It has “character” at the companionway but I think it turned out pretty great. Before/after in one shot, first photo.

      Pearson 424 cutter - "Effie"

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