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      Rock Richardson

      I tore the old wiring out and stated new with the old wires when I pulled down on the silver knob the oil pressure alarm would sound and when the engine started the alarm would stop… can anyone explain how to wire this set up. in the cockpit on the starboard side in a small cubbyhole I pull a knob down (the alarm sounds) and the press a button to start it (alarm stops when it detects oil pressure. I’ve found the op sensor on the engine, the alarm bell. the op sensor has two brown wires they are spiced so each wire is now two wires one end is a with ring fitting and the other is loose. the other wire is splice as well with a ring fitting on one end and the other is run back towards them cockpit area haven’t traced it yet but thinks it goes back to the cubby hole

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      Which engine do you have? In general, there are four sensors on your engine two each for oil and temperature. Each pair consists of a sensor that connects to the engine instrument and a switch that connects to the alarm. For oil, the alarm switch on the engine is a generic part sold in almost any automotive store. I looks like a spark-plug with a small wire on the top instead of a heavy spark-plug wire. It grounds the terminal on the top of the switch when oil pressure is low. That wire goes to the alarm and joins with the high temperature alarm switch. The other end of the alarm buzzer or bell goes to the ignition switch. Having the alarm sound when the key is first turned on is typical behavior. As I recall, Westerbeke had a fuel-pressure switch in addition to the other two already mentioned. Power to the alarm went through this switch so the buzzer wouldn’t sound when the engine is first turned on. I didn’t bother with this because I think it’s a mistake to mute the buzzer on startup. Hearing the buzzer on startup is an indication that the alarm system is functional. If you want the buzzer muted during the glow-plug warm-up, check the fuel-pressure switch. It should be on the side of your fuel pump. It would have two terminals on it. One would go to the instrument panel ignition power. The other would go to your alarm buzzer or bell.

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