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      Bryan Bywalec

      Hello all!

      I’ve activated the site’s ssl certificate which means you can now connect using https and shouldn’t get warnings out the site being insecure. There may be some bugs to work out, for instance, images are being served over an insecure connection but I’ll work on this in the coming weeks. Let me know if there are any other hiccups you experience.

      I’m going to have much more time to work on the site in 2020 so if you guys have a wish list leave a comment below. For example, I’d like to start a wiki and make an effort to transcribe the technical information contained in the forum posts to something more browseable. I know the post by e-mail has been hanging out there but curious if people still think this as worthwhile feature?

      Thanks, Bryan

      Bryan Bywalec
      S/V Pelican, Hull 209
      Siren Engineering, LLC

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      We have a very good history of actions and projects that have been posted on the site.
      But It might be nice to have a separate dedicated page to go to when looking for a vendor, part, or diagram source that a member recommends or has found rather than searching thru numerous pages of posts..
      Just a thought….

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