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      Late last year, I purchased an eS78 MFD with the basic vector charts in anticipation of Revery’s refit.
      Now that it’s time to think about installing it, we realized we’d rather have the 9″ display for various reasons. I thought I’d give you folks first shot before it goes on eBay.

      Raymare eS78
      This is the CHIRP DownVision sonar model. It won’t necessarily do you any good, but it came with a transom-mount sonar transducer.

      It’s only been out of the box once to inspect it and is 6 months into, I believe, a 3 year extended warranty (might be 2 year, I’ll have to check). May or may not be transferable

      The lowest retail price (shipped) I’ve seen is $956.39.

      If anyone wants it, $850 and I’ll ship it for free.

      Revery #219

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