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      David Siegel

      We have now been cruising for a month on post-refit Winnedumah, so can share some feedback based on experience. Two things worth calling out:
      1) We love our Beta 50. It is so much quieter than the old Westerbeke that our cat is not terrified when it’s running. We have had limited opportunity to motor into strong headwinds and choppy seas. I’ll let you know how she does when that happens.
      2) We replaced our engine driven fridge with a Seafrost 12 volt system. We beefed up battery and alternator capacity and plan to eventually add solar panels, but so far she seems to be sipping power while keeping the box in the 30’s. The factory default set point is 20 degrees, and before I changed this, we accidentally froze lots of stuff in the middle of the box. Now, we have learned that we can keep stuff frozen next to one of the 2 holding plates. We kept a chicken frozen for a week, and tonight plan to eat a lasagna that has been frozen for 2 weeks. We have the air cooled/water cooled option, and are using air now because it’s quieter. We’ll see how it does in a warmer climate, although it performed well during Nova Scotia’s unusual heat wave in July.

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