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      Eduardo Acosta

      Team one quick question:

      My hull #144 has an RV20 vdrive but other than the water hoses it doesn’t have any other hoses at all. Looking at diagrams of the RV20 from Walters appear to show a whole set of hoses that seem to be for taking oil from the bottom and shove it up to the water cooling on top. Do you guys have those ?. Are there any of you who actually don’t just like mine ?. I am trying to piece together if this was the previous owner removing them or whether this boat came like that from the beginning….

      Tnx in advance for any feedback

      SV Evergreen #144

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      The RV20 doesn’t have an oil pump or oil hoses. It uses splash lubrication like a lawnmower engine. The only hoses on it are seawater cooling. The cooling jacket is known to corrode over time, filling the cooling jacket with rust. Eventually, it reduces flow through the jacket and causes the engine to overheat. Replacement cases are no longer available. Some owners have bypassed the cooling jacket and let the V-drive run without cooling. They report success in this configuration but I can’t vouch for it. Walter recommends opening the cooling jacket and scraping out the rust every few years. If you do this, you risk punching a hole through the jacket into the gearbox, allowing seawater to contaminate the oil reservoir. This will eventually happen anyway. You should check the oil by pulling the dip-stick to verify the oil level and observe the oil color. If it looks like chocolate milk, water has gotten in there and it must be resolved. More info is available here on the website. I recommend that you get a copy of the V-drive manual and read it.

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      I have been running my Walter V Drive without the water cooling for close to 15 years without any obvious repercussions.
      Eclipse #73

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