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      For anyone else who is attached, as we are, to the four original reading
      lights in the saloon, but can’t stand the yellowed, cracked shades or
      incandescent bulbs, we just completed a rebuild which turned out to be
      fairly simple. (see the attached photos). We’d be glade give the
      details to anyone interested.

      Dave and Pat

      SV Doris E. #178

      1. 1760972126824096456.jpg

      2. 349830750744296008.jpg

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      I would love to know how you did this. I dig them but would enjoy a refresh.


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      Miss Kathleen

      Hi Dave,

      Love to know the details.

      I only have two – anyone out there who have any and wish to part with them?



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      I replaced all those lights with leds and the energy was cut by 1/12 12 fixtures consume 25 watts making it unnecessary to limit people reading at night at anchor.


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      john stevenson
      I am one who was very much not attached to those clunky old lamps that Pearson supplied.  First chance I got I replaced them with gooseneck reading lamps (  They not only looked much nicer, but were easily directed to reading material, and worked well as area lights when pointed directly down.  Even better they could be used as internal lights for the lockers above the settee backs (
      The downside is they are all nearly 15 years old and tarnished beyond restoration.  I've been looking for similar replacements with no luck.  WM doesn't carry them anymore, most retailers sell only dinky little chartlights with a gooseneck.  I did find one suitable replacement, but at $250 each!!!!!!!
      Still looking.

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