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      john stevenson

      Due to declining health I has to sell Sarah 1 year ago. The new owner I believe lives in the Atlanta area. He reached out to me last year, but I lost the contact info so I can’t provide any contact info on the new owner. If he wishes to get back in contact with me I will respond to post here.
      In any case my name and info should be removed from the Owner Registry.


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      Bryan Bywalec

      Thanks for letting us know. I’ll try to track down the owner.

      What is to become of your website!? I’d be interested in backing it up somehow or otherwise retaining the information in a manner that you are OK? I poured over your information before I bought my own 424.

      Do you mind if I send you an e-mail to discuss it? I can get it from the user registry.


      Bryan Bywalec
      S/V Pelican, Hull 209
      Siren Engineering, LLC

Viewing 1 reply thread
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