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      Just thought someone would like to know how my strut is attached to the hull..
      In the process of stripping the bottom paint I noticed that the fiberglass was not sealed around the strut. (See Pic 1)
      So I thought I would sand/grind the area around the base of the strut to redo the loose fiberglass.
      What I found was a thin loose layer of fiberglass over a wax like filler located within an area the size of a small shoe box.. (see pic 2 & 3)
      After cleaning up I could clearly see that the strut was attached by 4 flat head bolts… (see pic 4, 5, & 6)
      What I decided to do was fill in the valley between the strut and the sides of the “box” with thickened epoxy to make it smooth and harder for stuff to attach itself to as well as to clean.. (see pic 7)
      And finally I barrier coated and applied bottom paint.. (see pic 8)
      I could use your opinion on pic 5.. it shows what happens when you do not attach a zinc anode to the strut for all those years.. I do not want to replace the strut and am hoping that there is still enough strength left in the bronze to be serviceable.. (I have replace all my thru hulls with composite thru hulls and valves)..
      Your comments are welcomed..
      S/V Mela

      1. 1-scaled.jpg

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      The rest of the strut pictures..

      1. 2-1.jpg

      2. 3-1.jpg

      3. 4-1.jpg

      4. 5-1.jpg

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      More strut pictures..

      1. 6-2-scaled.jpg

      2. 7-2.jpg

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