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      How do I access the shower sump pump on a 424 and have any of you serviced or replaced it?
      Doing a makeover on the original 1980 Head/Shower/Sink.
      SV Running Tab

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      Aloha Bill: our boat is a 1980 ketch. The shower pump was located forward of the V drive. I replaced it with one of the multi input sump pump boxes from West. I plumbed the head sink and shower into it as well as the sink from the forward cabin. All 3 going out one thru hull with the others sealed off.

      It was a little hard to get to being forward of the V-drive. Now it’s a breeze as I got rid of the W58 and V- drive when I converted to electric last year!

      What rig and hull number are you?

      Jolly Lama #135
      Keehi Lagoon, O’ahu

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      Patrick Price

      A bit off topic but what the hell! I work out your way as a chief mate on one of the tugs! Home port is Honolulu and loading port is adjacent to Ko’olina. Let me know if you’re ever interested in snagging a drink! Would love to hear about your conversion to electric and how it treats you!

      Bill, ours is in the same place as Dans and has a manual switch located by the 110 outlet in the Head.
      Best of luck.

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      Our 78 ketch head sink drains below the water line via it’s own seacock. I vented this line to make it drain faster.
      I stopped using the existing stinky shower sump forward of the v drive. We pump the shower overboard above the water line with an inline strainer and then whale pump. The switch for the pump was outside the shower at the sink but we moved it to the soap bar space in the fiberglass stall. (we don’t use bar soap anymore and that space seems to stay dry.)

      Eclipse #73

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      Revery is being refit with the same setup as Rick has. The PO hadn’t used the shower in years, and had removed the pump. Shout out to Pete Dubler for recommending that simple solution to us (and finding a steal on a whale gulper pump for me).


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      Thanks Evan, I’ll give that a look.  Don’t use the shower at port but it is real nice for cruising.  Going through this boat, one area at a time.  
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      Aloha Dan,

      Thanks for the intel.  My sump pump stopped working so, after 37 years of service I think it might be best to replace it.  While I am on the shower subject, is there an off the shelf replacement for the euro-shower head… I have the original factory model and it is also falling apart.  Thank you everyone for your input. It is much appreciated. 

      Also: my boat is #82 and it is a sloop rig. Circa 1980

      Bill Emberley

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      I just did mine. I installed the automatic pump in a box from West Marine.
      I made a frame and mounted it just fwd of the trans pan. I did learn that thing
      has to be darn near completely level for it to work properly. Getting a new
      drain hose to the elbow under the shower cost me a pint of knuckle blood which I
      promptly replaced with Pusser’s laceration medication! Good luck with it.
      Jack –  “MOJO” in Oriental, NC

      Calico Jack

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      john stevenson
      It appears Pearson had at least two locations they put the shower sump.  On my hull #2 the sump is under the cabin sole in the saloon, on top of the keel.  If yours is the same there are two solutions:
      1. Hire a munchin who can crawl under the sole and get access to the sump; or
      In either case you probable can't remove it as, at least on Sarah, Pearson glassed the sump to the keel area.  This is a terrible location for the sump as it is a long horizontal run from the shower drain.  On later 424s I think they put it just forward of the V-Drive.  My solution was to bypass the sump entirely and send the pump output directly overboard.  That old sump is now used for tool storage.

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      The sump pump on my 424 #8 is under the galley sink and is a reciprocating diaphragm pump. If you have the dopey fiberglass sump forward of the v-drive, you can safely remove it because there's nothing inside of it. Replace it with a strainer and Bob's your uncle.

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      I forgot to add that I directed my sump to the galley drain. Used a dishwasher attachment.  Then I filled the hole in the hull.


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      Not to steal the thread,  but make the sump and pump last longer without “foul-ups”, do not use bar soap. Body wash only.
       The same stuff that makes the soap into a bar stays inside the pump and  just makes one big gunky mess which will eventually kill the pump and plug up all your hoses and fittings. 

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      Aloha Bill:  I replaced all of the shower hardware a few years ago with off the shelf stuff from West.  I selected a hand held shower head that mounts on an adjustable pole.  The new valves fit in the existing holes.  
      I installed a compartment in the space under the shower port per Tor Pinny’s idea.  There’s enough room to place 2-3 shelves in there where we store bath towels.  The door for this was also purchased from West.  It also makes it easy to replace the old shower valves!
      I’m on the mainland now, and won’t be back on board till November, so I can’t send you any pix. 

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      The credit for utilizing the dead space outboard of the shower stall belongs to someone else. I saw it done on a 424 I inspected before I ever bought Silverheels, and many other owners have created access to that space before and since. It’s a no-brainer upgrade.


      When I got my boat, the PO had been content to dump his shower grey water into the bilge (!!), the pig. I installed a direct, shower-pan-to-thru-hull overboard sump pump beneath the head sink, which has served well. For what it’s worth, I attempted to convert Silverheels’ original fiberglass shower sump box, athwarships forward of the V-drive, into a seawater intake distribution box. After a couple of failed attempts, I built a seawater intake manifold instead and have used the old, now-lidless shower sump box as a down under gear locker.










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