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      Howdy all;

      Summer has hit all of a sudden here in NW Florida. Pretty warm…

      I asked some months ago for any info on water deck fill screw caps, as mine are so sun damaged that I can barely get my fingertips under them to remove when they are unscrewed. The standard offerings through various suppliers did not work. Wrong diameter, wrong TPI. Or both. I found a Perko cap that does work however. It is Perko catalogue number 1270DPW99A. One of you recommended I try Perko, can’t remember who. In any case it works! Screws down a bit too far, as it’s height dimension is a bit different than original, but not too discernible. Talking less than an eighth or so. Anyway, this info may be helpful so am passing along. This was a special order through my friendly West Marine dealer.

      Blue Moon

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      I swapped out my tank caps with these

      1. 95C780CB-3054-4B8C-9A68-5B14DFFAE4C5.jpeg

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      That’s pretty funny…

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