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      Rob Osterman


      I was wrapping up installing new standing rigging on the main mast of a ketch rig. When I tried to feed the wire into the claws at the end of the spreader, the tips snapped off. Completely corroded! Yikes!!

      Does anyone know where I can order a set of new spreaders that will fit?



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      I never liked the stock spreaders. They aren’t attached well to the mast. I had to put clamps on the shrouds to keep them from drooping. I think Metalmast made them. I talked to someone at US Spars last year about replacing them with their spreaders. I forget what he quoted but it was ridiculous, maybe a grand each.

      You could contact Metalmast about replacing or repairing what you have. Or you could bring them to a local welder and ask him if he can fix them. My guess is the latter option is less.

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      Rob Osterman

      Thank you!

      Just gave Rigrite a call and they’re quoting me shortly. I used the SP450 part number but it looks identical to the SP165 measurements.

      Thanks for the quick response — we’ll see what the cost will be from Rigrite for a new set.

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      I took a second look at your spreader photo. If it were me, I’d cut off the ragged end of the spreader and drill and tap to put a pair of stainless studs in there. I’d put a stainless plate across them and clamp the thing down on the shrouds with a pair of stainless nuts. You can cut the end off full-thread stainless bolts to make studs. Stainless u-bolts could donate the straps. Acorn nuts on the very end would protect your spreader boots and sails. The advantage is that when you clamp them down on the shrouds, you support the spreaders so they can’t droop.


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      Rob Osterman


      That’s actually a pretty good idea. I’m a little freaked out how easy the tips broke off and worried the inboard side of the spreader is compromised as well. The spreader tips looked OK visually.

      I’m hoping Rigrite’s quote isn’t too wild and that they have a quick turn-around. Otherwise I might be following your suggestion!

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      Windward Star

      I don’t wanna be discouraging but my experience with Rig-rite is that they are not able to get parts to you quickly. I’m currently 6 1/2 weeks into waiting for a simple rigging part from them. Last year it took 2 months to get a furling swivel. Unfortunately for me they’re the only outfit that has parts for my Kenyon mast.
      Sorry I’m no help in regards to your spreaders.

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      Rob Osterman

      Well, quick update.

      I received two new spreaders from Rigrite and when I went to put them up, the bolt holes didn’t align to the tang! I was able to ream out the starboard side holes about 1/16″ off each using a Dremel and it fit. The port side is taking a lot more work and I’m starting to get a bit uncomfortable about taking more off.

      I can’t tell if the pattern Rigrite used is slightly off or if the tolerances on the original spreaders were really strange. Has anyone experienced this before?

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      Rob Osterman

      Just wanted to update on the outcome.

      Rigrite and a rigger friend mentioned that the jigs used to initially install the spreaders and tangs were probably not very precise and contributed to some loose tolerances. They both felt that rounding out the holes a little bit to fit wasn’t a big deal.

      The new spreaders wall thickness was considerably more than the originals. I went with a different style tip that had a Phillips head screw that secures the wire within the slot. I also used small stainless hose clamps as a secondary way of holding the spreaders up outside of the pressure of the wire tension.

      Finally finished all the main standing rigging with the mast up… Not sure I’d want to do that again!

      3/8″ for the lowers, backstay (upper wire and lower wires), forestay.
      New Schaefer triangle plate for backstay.
      10mm compact strand for uppers.

      Next up is to inspect the forestay chainplate and start building a parts list for the mizzen rigging.

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